The Pro-Life Scorecard is one of the most reliable tools for Texas voters who want the truth about who leads, who follows, and who is subverting Pro-Life legislative efforts under the Capitol dome. As the session progresses, Texas Right to Life ardently watches and analyzes filed legislation that actively advances the Culture of Life and those that seek to thwart Pro-Life initiatives.

After the close of the session, Texas Right to Life will release a detailed report of the Pro-Life efforts and missed opportunities that occurred in the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature.

Pro-Life Scorecard Alert – Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On Wednesday, January 11, the Texas House of Representatives will debate and vote on House Resolution 4, the bill to establish procedural rules for the 85th Session of the Texas Legislature. These rules will govern the road to passage for bills and bind and guide the permissible activity of legislators during floor debates. If the rules foster transparency and fairness, when strong Pro-Life bills or amendments reach the House floor, moderate Republicans and the enemies of life cannot stop life-saving policies from passing. However, in the past, the procedural rules have been used to squash Pro-Life efforts even before floor votes. The rules votes foreshadow the tone for the remainder of the session. Rules and amendments to the rules that limit Pro-Life opportunities will be considered hostile and negatively scored.

Votes on the following issues are eligible for scoring in Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life Scorecard for the 85th Session:

1. Rule about Calendar Rules on Sunset Bills by Representative Larry Gonzales

Texas Right to Life 

The Gonzales amendment to the House rules lowers the bar for passage of a Calendar Rule on sunset bills.  Currently, if leadership wants to pass specific rules to sunset bills, two-thirds of House members must approve of the temporary rule that applies only to specific sunset bills. Gonzales’ amendment lowers the two-thirds requirement to a majority of votes.  The lower threshold makes passing a rule to block Pro-Life amendments easier.  Texas Right to Life opposes this rule change.


2. Rule about Voting Out Bills from Calendars Committee by Representative Matt Rinaldi

Texas Right to Life SUPPORTS.

The Rinaldi amendment will allow for the members to make a motion on the House floor for a bill held hostage for seven days in the House Committee on Calendars before being moved to the House floor for debate.  The current rule prohibits this motion unless the bill has been in the Calendars Committee for 30 days.  The new rule would still require the signatures of five members to bring such a motion before the House.  Texas Right to Life supports this rule change.

3. Rule about Prefiled Amendments to Sunset Bills by Representative Larry Gonzales Texas Right to Life is NEUTRAL.
This amendment to the House rules moves the deadline for prefiled amendments to sunset bills from 24 hours to 48 hours before floor debate.  This amendment also requires amendments to the amendments on sunset bills to be prefiled 24 hours before floor debate.  While a logistically absurd proposal, this rule does not prohibit or limit debate of issues.  Texas Right to Life is neutral on this rule change.


If any questions arise, please contact the Texas Right to Life Legislative team immediately.

Pro-Life Texans appreciate your dedication to advancing the Culture of Life and thank you for your Pro-Life votes.

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